Sunday, October 12, 2008

We are TERRIBLE bloggers. Doing a blog update is like writing those last little thank you notes, you know that it must be done, but you seem to have to force yourself to do it. Regardless, I will finish my thank you notes (otherwise I would not be Vicki's daughter), and here I am writing a blog.

Things have been pretty laid back since we have gotten home from our honeymoon. Matthew's boss is still out of town, so he pretty much gets to make his own schedule when it comes to work. I got a job at a local private school here in Birmingham called The Highlands School. I work in the afternoons for the Extended Day Program playing with kids, tutoring, etc... I have really enjoyed it so far, and I am now on the substitute list with my first day being Halloween for a kindergarten class! YIKES! The school is pretty spectacular. The kids learn Chinese, French, and Spanish starting in preschool. The after school program provides various activities for the kids in the afternoon that are fairly involved: Karate, Tai Chi, Theatre, Kids Stage, Chinese Art, Young Rembrants, Abrakadoodle (Which is some form of "creative art", I still don't really get what it is), Rock Band, Piano, Violin, and Guitar lessons, CompuQuest (Learning about computers), Gymnastics, Tennis, and a very extensive soccer program. I think almost every kid plays soccer at this school. The beauty of this after school program is that these kids do not have to leave campus and are exposed to all of these learning opportunities. Their parents come to pick them up and their hoework is done and they have already had their piano lesson. So...for about $10,000 a year you can send your kid to school here! Truth be told, if Matthew and I are still in B-ham when we have little ones running around, it would be very tempting.

So, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods. Matthew on the other hand just received news that his travel has been approved by UAB to go to the National Cystic Fibrosis Convention (I think that's what is called) and present a poster session on his research Oct. 23rd-24th. He was very excited to hear this news because it is a great opportunity for him, and who doesn't love a free trip to Orlando (unless you hate Disney World and your name is Andrea). Clearly all of Matthew's hard work is paying off, and I am very proud of him!

This past weekend, Matthew and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Atlanta, and it was well worth it! We found a 3 1/2 start hotel on Hotwire.com for 50 bucks and decided to take the plunge and go! We only spent Friday night because we had to get back to take care of the dogs, but we enjoyed every minute. Friday we drove to Atlanta, which thankfully is only a little over 2 hrs from B-ham (Braves games anyone?). We had gotten an excellent tip from a family member of mine (Christopher David) of a wonderful place to grab dinner that was only a 1/2 mile from our hotel. Funny, but my parents had actually stayed in the exact same hotel before. We went to eat at Pappadeaux, and let me tell you, it may be my new favorite restaurant. INCREDIBLE! The portions were enormous so Matthew and I split an appetizer of lump crab spinach dip and split the infamous Pappadeauz platter which included fried catfish, fried oysters, crawfish, shrimp, and a stuffed crab and shrimp....plus fries, you cannot forget the fries! Matthew vowed he would not even touch a fry so as to save room for all the fish, but I'm pretty sure I caught him with one in his mouth. After the platter we were stuffed, but that did not stop us from getting the praline cheesecake, which was maybe the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. So, please, if you are ever in Atlanta, check this place out.

The next day, we decided to go to the Coca Cola Museum. We had both been before when we were younger, but so long ago, we did not even realize that the museum was in a different location until we got into the tasting room and realized that it did not look the same (of course as kids we would both remember what the tasting room looked like). They moved to their current location last year next door to the Georgia Aquarium (which looked completely awesome, and I wish we could have done both!). The Coke Museum was fun and we were glad that we decided to go. We both got a free glass bottle of coke for a souvenir, but that did not hinder us from buying a blown-glass ornament for our Christmas tree. Matthew and I LOVE ornaments (especially the blown glass ones) and I think this is the 6th one we have bought together. So...we will definitely have the best tree come Christmas :) After the museum we headed home to B-ham. Yay for weekend getaways!

(the actual ornament we got is the red one...clearly we wanted the Diet Coke one, but we decided it was not nearly as pretty!)

But the most important news is that we are moving this weekend!! We could not be any more excited! I cannot wait to have my own kitchen, with an oven that cooperates and not be in a house with dogs that I am allergic to! We are so thrilled to finally have our own "home" that we can make our own. We spent all day yesterday getting apartment stuff (vacuum cleaner, lamps, shower curtain and rod, etc...) We still have some furniture shopping to do, and I am looking forward to finishing it all up! Thankfully, Matthew's parents are coming through Nashville this weekend and are graciously going to pack up all the rest of our wedding gifts and bring them down to us! Saves us a LOT of time!

Next time you hear from us we will be in our new space.... hopefully all settled in! Adios!