Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter was even more special this year due to our newest addition.  We decided to make it Burton Christopher's first Sunday at church since he was going to be 8 weeks old.  It also worked out for us to be in Nashville that particular weekend, so my dad was able to pray a sweet blessing over his namesake down front at church on Easter Sunday.  What a special moment that I will cherish forever!

Mom per usual was the most generous of hosts and invited a boat load of people to Easter lunch at our house Sunday.  I think she cooked for almost 18 people, and every bit of it was delicious... no surprise.

Enjoy the pics from Easter.  He Is RISEN!

Easter Egg Hunt at Homewood with Thomas and McNeill.  
Sweet friend Ashton

Dad saying, "who do you think he looks like?!" ha

Dad doing the same thing with Avery almost 3 years ago!  

The Easter Bunny nailed it with this Frozen robe.  
I have the best siblings in the entire world... hands down.  

Best we could do of the FOUR!

Dad and Lad... Burton in his beautiful gown my mom had made for him... Very similar to Avery's.  You heard it hear first y'all...real southern baby boys wear gowns to church :)  And real men like my husband are ok with it!
Avery in her gown and Burton in his :)  Love my sweet babies.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Burton- 2 Months!

As of this past Tuesday, our sweet Burton Christopher is 2 months old!  As of now, Mommy only has 3 more weeks left here at home with you before I have to start back doing clinical rotations for school.  I am going to miss you SO much during the day.  Summer is going to be LONG, but the end is in sight, and hopefully Mommy will never be a student ever again!!!

Burton here are your stats at 2 months:

Weight- 12 pounds 2 ounces (70th%)- you made the biggest jump in this category.. All of a sudden one day you had the chubbiest/sweetest cheeks.  I could eat you up!  Sister was always so skinny as a baby, so I'm enjoying having more to love :)

Length- 23 3/4 inches (90th%)  seriously, where do these children get their height?  Hopefully both of them escaped my short genes.

Head circumference- 15 inches (50th%)

Sleep- You have done a lot better in the last few weeks, except for the last night or two, but we can just chalk that up to your 8 week shots.  You normally give us a good 5-6 hour stretch at the beginning of the night.  You are still struggling with going back to sleep, most of the time Mommy doesn't even bother putting you back in the rock n play cause you aren't having it.  You have started taking some naps in your crib, yay!  Hoping to probably transition you to your crib soon, once you are back sleeping more consistently.

Eating- Still nursing really well (hello my little chunk a munk).

Likes- Bath time (think it's your favorite time of the day), being held while sleeping, being talked to, long car rides.

Dislikes- The new double stroller we just spent a lot of money on (hopefully you will grow to like it), tummy time, being taken out of the bath.

Diaper Size- still barely a 1, unfortunately I think you are really ready for a 2, but we ordered a ton of ones from Amazon before you got chunky :)

Clothes Size- 3 to 6 month, you can still wear gowns that are 0-3, but have really grown out of your footies that are that size.

Hair Color- Like your sister, we can't figure it out.  You lost a ton of hair around 3-4 weeks and it is now starting to grow back in.  It looks dirty blonde/light brown, almost the exact same color as sister's.

Eye Color- Dark navy blue, almost the same color as mine (see how long they stay that way, I hope forever!)

Milestones- you have started giving us the most precious smile in the last few weeks.  And just in the last week or two started to coo.  Mommy can't wait to hear you laugh!

You are the perfect little addition to our family Burton.  What did we ever do before you were here (except sleep more!)? Looking forward to the many months to come.  We love you so very much!

If looks could kill... She normally can't get enough of her little brother, not so much on this particular day!
2 month doctor's appt
Shots are for the birds!
Life with a big sister, of course you would need a baby doll when you are upset.

Cheeks for days!
Despite the disappointing end to our season, GO BIG BLUE!