Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break Houston

M was gone to an ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics) conference last week.  I think I can firmly say that there can't be a whole lot of more conferences that sound more boring.. Sorry honey :)  When I learned that M would be gone a whole week, I immediately knew that it would be way more fun to have friends come see Avery and me as opposed to single momming it all week.  Aimee and Heather quickly agreed back in December to come spend their "Spring Break" in Houston.  How I managed to sell Houston as a good option for Spring Break is beyond me.  

We had a very busy week!  Shopping in Rice Village and at the Galleria, taking the babies to the zoo, and a trip to the beach.. Or what people here in Houston call the small sandy area that borders the ocean.... Friends, although we do live an hour from the beach here... It is most definitely NOT Florida :)  Not to mention all the great food and reminiscing the old college days.  Spring Break 2013 was definitely a lot different that Spring Break 2006, but it's such a blessing to still have these wonderful friends!  Thanks Aimee, Heather and Maddie for a great week!

Aves finally gave in at the mall.  Might have been the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Bath time fun.  Couldn't get a picture with Maddie looking.

We love the zoo!

Aimee and me

Little Nug cashed out at the beach
Two cuties!
2006 and....


Friday, March 8, 2013

10 Months

Another month gone, and yet another reminder that our sweet baby is growing up.  I feel like the calendar is mocking me with each passing day.  For once in my life I keep wishing time would slow down.. And yes I know that it won't for the next 20+ years that we have children in our home.  I feel like the last few years I have always felt some sense of urgency to get to the next stage..."I can't wait until we're married", "I can't wait until we're done with school", "I can't wait until we buy our first home", "I can't wait until Avery gets here!", etc... you get the point.

Little Nug, you have rocked our world in numerous ways.  Mommy may actually have a tiny ounce of patience after all.  I digress, Avery here are your stats at 10 months!

Height- 29 inches (85th percentile)... the only reason we know this is because we had to go to the doctor today.  Double ear infection.  Bummer.

Weight- 17 pounds 5 ounces (40th percentile)

Sleep- You're usually asleep between 6:30 and 6:45, and you sleep anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30 the next morning.  AKA.. Heaven!  You take two solid naps everyday.  One shorter and one longer.. Usually totaling 2.5 to 3 hours.

Likes- Playing with Lexi, cell phones (you've figured out how to move from picture to picture on Mommy's phone), computers, being read to, being sung to, looking at yourself in the mirror, and banging on daddy's drum set

Dislikes- having computer, cell phone, or any sort of cord taken away from you (you're like a moth to a flame.. always want what you can't have!), the wind blowing on you, or the sun being in your face

Diaper Size- 3

Clothes Size- You're all over the place.  You're skinny but long.  You can still wear some of your 6 months things.  But mostly you're still in 9 months clothes.

Feeding- You nurse now only 3 times a day and eat 3 solid meals.  You are a GREAT eater!  You will eat pretty much anything we put in front of you.  New foods you have tried this month: mac and cheese, chicken nuggets (except they're meatless), black beans, and pancakes.

Favorite Toy- You've really liked your stacking rings this month

Favorite Book- Your favorite is still "That's Not My Teddy" or any touch and feel book

Milestones- You still have ZERO teeth.  I check just about everyday to see if anything is coming in.  I'm starting to think you aren't going to have any before your 1st birthday!  Something my dentist father-in-law and pediatrician have assured me is normal :)  You have started to cruise this month.. along the couch, from one object to another, etc.. but you haven't really let go for more than just a second.  I think we are a little ways off from walking.  You have gotten really good at playing independently this month.  You're so cute standing at your toy box taking things in and out talking to yourself.

Your little personality continues to develop... And I gotta say, you are one stinkin mess. Not only do you not know a stranger (Something you obviously got from your daddy),  you are also a bit of a drama queen...I think we all know who is responsible for that :)  You are so sweet.  You love to give hugs (laying your head down on someone) and kisses (mouth wide open!), and you still smile pretty much all the time!  Otherwise, you are still are blue-eyed, blonde-haired beauty!  We love you Aves!  You are one very special baby girl.

Your foot was far more interesting than smiling for the camera.
You wanted to give your bear kisses. 

First Valentines Day

Hanging out with Kelly at Buster's birthday party.
You LOVE your Aunt Ashley.  You gave her kisses the whole time she and Honey were here!

You love Daddy reading to you before bed.
Leave me alone Mom.  I'm trying to play.

Things the Hardison clan is looking forward to in the coming months:

- Heather, Maddie, and Aimee coming to visit us while Daddy is in Phoenix!
- Trip to Birmingham to scope out new places to live!... and see our brand new nephew Will!  Along with our other fam and friends.
- Mimi and Papa coming to visit the beginning of April!
- And Avery's first birthday party in Nashville at Honey and Granddaddy's the first weekend in May!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Crib Diaries

I remember when my baby was this small and looked like a tiny doll in the middle of her crib.  I wondered, how in the world can she sleep in something that is so much bigger than her??

Now our tiny baby is 18 pounds and her crib has been lowered to the lowest possible setting... At night, she takes up more than half her crib length-wise, except when she's in her favorite sleeping position: curled up with her bottom in the air in the right upper corner :)

Sweet girls

Happy baby!
I love you little Nug.  Please stay "little" just a while longer.