Sunday, March 15, 2015

Burton's Nursery

Here are pictures of Burton's nursery FINALLY completed.  Since the little booger came 10 days early, we were caught a little off guard.  But, 5 weeks later, it is finally finished.  Not that he is sleeping in it yet anyway.... One of these days...

I cannot thank my sweet Mom enough for buying and gifting to us Burton's nursery bedding.  It came out exactly as I wanted.  Also thank you to my MIL for sewing Burton's curtains.. for some reason I giggle every time I say that because it rhymes ;)

Love these animal prints I ordered from Etsy.

I spy a sweet baby boy!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Meanwhile Big Sister....

To my sweet firstborn.  I promise Mommy hasn't forgotten about you... In fact, I love you even more these days watching you grow into a precious little girl.  You LOVE your baby brother, and you are always a willing helper whenever Mommy needs a diaper or wipes.  You can't get enough of your school, including your teacher and your friends.. You talk about them constantly.  And though we may be having trouble getting you to stay in your big girl bed these days, I love your sassy independence, though I could go without the occasional snarky comebacks...  We are 2 almost 3 going on 13 some days.  We love you Nug!  So thankful for you!

At Campbell's first birthday party 

Getting your fingernails (or as you call them ponytails) done with Mommy.

Feeding your baby doll, ha! 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

1 Month!

As of today our little Burton Christopher is 1 month old!  Seriously, where did this last month go?  It came and went somewhere in between every 2 hour feedings and watching the 1,000th episode of House Hunters.  It's been a busy month (more on that later), but we are so incredibly thankful that you are here!

Burton here are your stats at 1 month:

Weight- This past Tues you were 8lb. 10 ounces.

Height- Didn't get a measurement on this.

Sleep- You LOVE to sleep, as long as it is on top of your Mommy.  Otherwise, sleep is a little challenging for you.  At night we try to get you to go down in your rock n play, but a lot of nights you just aren't having it.  As if you are saying, "Momma please, you and I both know this isn't happening".  The longest stretch you have given us without being with me was from 10:30 to about 3:30.  That has happened once.  IF we do get you to lay down by yourself, you will at best give us 3 hours.  Each week gets better, so hopefully we will have a better routine at 2 months!

Likes- Eating (like a champ), sleeping (with Mommy at night and anyone who will hold you during the day), riding in the car (puts you right to sleep).

Dislikes: Being awake and not eating, tummy time

Diaper Size- You moved out of newborns into Size 1 about a week ago.

Clothes Size- Still in newborn and 0-3.  You are smaller than Sis was, so it's been nice to be able to wear your newborn things for longer than a week!

Feeding- Nursing really well.  Every 2-3 hours during the day.

Hair Color- Who knows?  When it is clean, it almost looks strawberry dirty blonde.  If you haven't had a bath in a day or so, it looks light brown.

Eye Color- For now dark blue/gray

Nicknames- Daddy calls you Buckaroo.  Mommy hasn't settled on anything yet.

Milestones- You have really started to fixate on our faces when we talk to you.  You even gave a real smile just yesterday.  First to Honey and then a little while later to me.  Can't wait for these to become frequent!

Burton, you are the sweetest, it has been such a joy spending the last month with you.  We cannot wait to see what kind of personality and life you will bring to our family.  I love you to the moon and back.  Now if you could just sleep a little more often on your own, Mommy might could actually keep this house clean.... It's ok though Baby B, it's just an excuse for Mommy to sit and hold you a little while longer.  I know one day I will miss these snuggles, so I will cherish them while they last.

First bath