Thursday, December 17, 2009

Party Weekend

This past weekend Matthew and I had 3 different Christmas parties to go to... Yeah that's right, we are that popular. So here goes a short recap, because I'm severely lacking in time considering I need to pack for 2 WEEKS away from home, clean the apartment, do laundry, work out, and take down all the Christmas decorations before we leave....

Party 1- Tacky Christmas Party with all my Nursing Buddies

We've been through a LOT together :)

Ashton, Katie, and I taking a family portrait... Plus Josie

Should have been the pic for the Xmas card.

Friday Night
Nutcracker Ballet at Samford

Matthew and I had a much needed date night Friday. We went to see the Nutcracker by the Alabama Ballet and it was AWESOME! I hadn't seen it since middle school, and I was thoroughly impressed. So beautiful.

Saturday Night- Party # 2
Matthew's work party at Ed's house.

Geoff always gets invited to work parties, especially now that he is Ed's personal banker!

The Lab. Ed (Matthew's boss) is the one sitting on the far left holding up the book.

Sunday Night- Dirty Santa Church Party

We had a bunch of laughs. Dirty Santa is always a good time.

My good friend Ally.

Ally's husband Stephen

Wednesday- our own personal Christmas Eve!

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants Chez Fon Fon and then went to the Alabama Theatre to see my personal favorite Christmas movie, It's a Wonderful Life. Jimmy Stewart is one of my all time favorite actors, and I just love the message of this movie. Of course I cried again at the very end of the movie... it's just too good. Here is the part that really gets me....

Could an ending be any more perfect than that? Considering I just cried again while watching it.... I think not.

The organ player... who is hilarious (J and K- it was the same guy from Mamma Mia) The whole crowd sang some Christmas carols before they started the movie.

One of my favorite parts about seeing movies at the Alabama Theatre (despite it being absolutely beautiful on the inside) is that they show random facts about the particular movie on the screen before the show.

This leads me to my Christmas surprise! Matthew secretly bid on ebay for this Paramount Theatre Snow Village and won! He got it for like $30 bucks which is a steal for Snow Village pieces, especially considering this one retired in 1989. Not only that...but on the outside of the theatre it says "Now Showing- White Christmas" (M's fav. xmas movie) and "Coming Soon- It's a Wonderful Life". Could it be any more perfect?!

Now I have 3!

We are spending Hardison family Christmas in Columbia this weekend. I will try and break up Christmas posts...but if not. Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wonderful World of Sports

What a great weekend in sports. Is anyone as depressed as me that college football is all but over? What will I do on Saturdays to avoid studying? Let's recap the weekend...

UNC vs. UK

Way to go Cats! Always love to see Roy Williams lose, especially to Kentucky. John Wall is definitely on track to be #1 in the NBA draft, boo on him leaving early, but at least Bledsoe will stay. And what's with the attitude Cousins?

It sure is sweet seeing a competent coach on the UK bench. I think Calipari looks great in UK blue, despite the haters on my side of the family. (My mom and dad are HUGE Memphis fans, considering they both grew up there).

Sorry Roy Boy. See ya again next year. Or later on this season, perhaps?

Alabama vs. Florida
Rammer Jammer! Roll Tide! Go Bama! (sorry Sean) I am super pumped that Bama beat Florida, if you can't tell. I am also sick of hearing about Tim Tebow. I am definitely not a Tebow fan, but he kind of tugged at the ole' heart string a bit crying on the sidelines... I mean good grief. But really, he's won 2 national championships already, add a Heisman, and this kid couldn't have had a better college football experience. So... sorry, cry all you want, I do not have one ounce of sympathy for you.... ok, maybe a little. Im not totally heartless!

So funny... Whoever you are out there. I wish we could be friends.

Texas vs. Nebraska
There isn't a lot I can say about this. I'm not an expert on Big 12 Football. But, Nebraska... heartbreaking. Did anyone catch the look on Colt McCoy's face when he thought they had run out of time at the end of the game? PRICELESS. The only consolation is that I would much rather Bama play Texas as opposed to the other undeserving undefeated teams... I'm sorry I just can't stomach a Boise State or TCU in the final game. No thanks.

Titans vs. Colts
I admit, I feel guilt-ridden writing this, but I like him.... Peyton is funny. He had enough sense to attend an SEC school for college (despite it being UT), he married a Southern girl (Memphis native), he likes Country music (we will overlook the fact that he and Kenny Chesney are bid buds), and he is a great quarterback. I also like the Colts... don't berate me. I don't like them as much now since my main man Tony Dungy left, but I still like them. Despite all these things, I have never wanted my Titans to win a game as much as this one (except for maybe the Super Bowl back in the day). I mean, the Colts were ripe for the picking. We could/ SHOULD have won that game. What's with the play calling Heimerdinger? You should have to sit in time out for your lack of coaching Sunday. Who calls a pass to the back of the end zone on a 4th and 1? Especially when you have Vince, White (even though he loves putting the ball to the ground), and JOHNSON to run it in? Sickening is what it is.

And finally. My good friend Heather sent me this picture of my traitor of a father. He did a men's retreat for their church up in Knoxville. Dad loves hoodies. He got a Michigan one a couple years back for doing a retreat there, and ever since then, he thinks as his payment he deserves a college hoodie. This was the picture placed in their church bulletin. Unbelievable.

Dad... What were you thinking? No one looks good in orange.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for all your blessings...I have a lot of them.

Matthew and I left Tuesday after work and made the 5 1/2 hour drive to Lextown, stopping to pick Benj on the way, and of course to get Baja. We tried to sleep in the next day to no avail, boo on getting old and needing less sleep. We got up and made a carrot cake to take to Cinci...I feel guilty now that I'm married about showing up at people's houses empty handed. Wednesday, we made our regular trip to Kennedy's and the UK bookstore to pick up a few Christmas goodies. We met David for lunch down by his work, boo on working, and around three we headed for Cinci.

Every year, traffic in Cinci is horrendous. Absolutely, pull your hair out, scream at the car in front of you terrible. The whole way there I was telling Matthew how much I was avoiding driving through downtown, because we would be stuck for "at LEAST an hour!". I usually don't enjoy being wrong, in fact, rarely ever... it comes with the genes of being a Smith. But in this case, I was pumped that we drove straight through the Nasty Nati at a pace of at least 65 mph. Fantastic!

We got there in just in time for dinner, which was of course Aunt Jeannie's white chili.. it's a tradition. After dinner, all the kids went to the Festival of Lights at the Cinci Zoo, which was really neat, despite the fact that we said, "Go Cats" to at least 3 Kentucky fans who ignored us. Really? Yankees... jk :) Ashley and I embarassed the whole crew by trying to talk to the reindeer in reindeer language, ya know from the Santa Claus movies? Matthew caught it on tape.

Andrew and his girly gloves

The original 4

Thursday was the big day. Matthew and I went for a run just so I wouldn't feel guilty about goarding myself at lunch. Lunch was fantastic, and I made it another year without having to get any of that cranberry mess. I'm not a picky eater, but nasty... After lunch we went to go see the movie The Blindside. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. So great, that Sandra Bullocks attempt at a Southern accent didn't bother me in the slightest. I made it about 10 minutes in before I started crying the 1st of many times. It was such a reminder of what we are called to do as Christians. Katherine walked out saying, "I didn't know it was based on a true story!" I mean, where have you been? Since the movie, I have been virtually stalking Michael Oher, even cheering on the Ravens to victory.. don't judge me, Billick is no longer there! (who I heard was on the short list for the Notre Dame job, even more reason to pull against the Irish!).

pre stuffed

Friday morning, the girls minus Kath, braved the Black Friday crowds and went shopping. I know, you all know I hate shopping. But there are a few times a year that it must be done, otherwise I would not have clothes. Matthew likes to say that I like nice things, I just don't like the process in order to get them. If I hadn't gone, Mom would have nothing to wrap up for me on Christmas. It was actually a semi-pleasant experience, despite spending an hour in Nordstroms for Ashley to decide that she was not going to buy a pair of shoes.

Friday afternoon, Matthew and I headed back to Lexington to have Thanksgiving 2.0 at the Hardison household. We made it in time to watch the Iron Bowl... nervewracking. I'm glad we didn't stay to watch the game in Cinci (Uncle Grady and Andrew are huge Bama fans). I'm a little worried for the Tide coming in to the Championship game this weekend. And really Ole Miss? Way to lose to Mississippi State.

Matthew's cousin Liz came over for dinner with her two sweet kids, Kayla and Trey. After dinner, the Wyatts came over to hang out for a while before we all called it a day.

Saturday, we got up and commenced decorating for Christmas! Yes, it is now time people. Saturday afternoon Matthew and I got in the car once again to drive back to Nashville so Matthew could hang out with his good friend Scott T. that evening (sorry I missed you Scott!... long weekend).

I can barely write this without getting flustered. But UK... 25 years. It has got to stop. It was the perfect time to win and you CHOKED! I would have rather lost by 20 than watch another heartbreaking overtime loss. People were calling it the Bear Bryant curse, really? Could someone remind me of when he coached at the University of Tennessee?

Sunday we decorated the Smith home for Christmas. Mom and Dad strategically make sure I'm in town, so I can set up the snow villages for them. (I complain about doing it, but I secretly get offended if someone else tries to do it instead) This was also the day that the Fake came into the house. Matthew had to set up the so called "tree" since he is the only one in the house who knows how to put one up. I kept making snide comments, just so mom would know that I was still not ok with it. Comments like, "Oh it smells just like Christm... I mean plastic.".

It may look pretty... don't let it fool you.

My pride and joy.

Sunday afternoon, we were finally on our way back home, so we could decorate our own place for Christmas. We were exhausted. It was such a blessing to be able to see all of our family for Tgiving again this year, but as I told Matthew driving home.. I can't wait until we have kids, so people have to come see us!

My own tiny little snow village. Can't wait to add more...We bought one this year using gift cards STILL left over from the wedding. From $100 bucks we got it for $7!

The finished product. And no... this one does not smell like plastic.