Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shower Blessings

If I ever needed confirmation that I grew up in the best church home, with the most supportive, Godliest women I have ever known, my recent shower in Nashville was proof.  So many women came out to shower me with blessings, gifts, and words of wisdom and encouragement for Avery, and I could not have been more humbled by their outpouring of love and support.

My wonderful mother (I do not know what I would do without her throughout this whole process!), Ash and Nana.  Sweet hostesses. 

Cupcakes for a sweet baby girl!  Made by the same fabulous lady from church who did M's groom cake.
Aunt Kay, Sandra and Morgan.  So grateful they came!

2 of my favorite people on the planet.

My flower girl at 7 years old!  Where has the time gone?  And precious Maddie Clendenin.  Apparently M and Russ had dressed her that morning :)

That Saturday night, Heather and Russ and Aimee hosted a college friends' shower at the Clendenin's house.  M and I had been looking forward to this shower for weeks, because it had been ages since we had seen a lot of our friends.  It was fun to have both my friends and his friends gathered to celebrate Avery!  We are so incredibly thankful for such a wonderful support system.  We just cannot wait to move back closer so Avery Grace can grow up around all of our friends!

I have the most wonderful friends.
Pi Delta Family Tree
Everyone wants a baby bump!
We can't wait to move in with you :)
Could not have better friends!

While we were there we also got to have maternity pictures taken by the talented Erin Thacker.  Here's one of our faves.  At 31 weeks :)

I know I'm still way behind posts.  Work has been exhausting and claiming every ounce of energy I have.  The nursery is almost completely done.  And we've started childbirth classes, eeek!  7 more weeks!