Tuesday, June 25, 2013

While Daddy's Away....

Avery and I had 3 weeks of time to fill waiting on M to get here.  Matthew's 3 weeks gone also coincided with all of our friends here and J and K being gone on vacation at the same time :( So in order that I not be by myself living in our new/unpacked house for 3 straight weeks, mom came down to Birmingham for a night, I went to Nashville for 5 days, and my sister Ashley came down for a night at the very tail end of the time.  Isn't my family incredible?!  I think Ashley might be Nugget's newest favorite person.  While we were in Nashville, if Auntie Ash was in the room, she wanted her and her only.  Who knows who it will be next week? :)

Dad was on sabbatical while we were up there, Buddy was out of school, Mom was able to take a Wednesday and her normal Friday off, and Ashley works from home the majority of the time, so we were able to do a family lunch almost everyday.  I also got to do dinner with 2 of my best friends Whitney and Heather while Mom and Dad watched Aves.  I didn't realize until I left how badly this Mommy needed a night out!  Dad also sent Mom, Ash and me to get massages on Saturday :)  Great extended weekend, so very thankful that my family is now only 2.5 hours away again!

Within the last month or so, Avery has started to say, "Noney" :)

Wearing one of Aunt Ashley's and Mommy's old outfits.
Buddy's Surprise 16th Birthday
This is Avery's new "cheese face"
Buddy's Scuba Diving Cake made by Brooke O'Dell (she made Matthew's groom's cake, my baby shower cupcakes, and Avery's 1st birthday cake!.. She is Amazing!)

The girls heard Granddaddy coming up the stairs.

We also tried ice cream for the first time...had to be Baskin Robbins!
She LOVED it!
Girl's Night Out.  Only a bummer we weren't able to take Heather or Whitney's minivan ;)
Her new favorite activity.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Avery's 1 Year Pics

Here is a sampling of Avery's 1 year pictures.  I sure am going to miss our amazing photographer in Houston.  She managed to capture some incredible pictures of our baby girl over this last year.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Orange Beach Time

We spent Memorial Day Weekend with M's family at Orange Beach this year.  It was nice that the whole fam was able to be together even for just a few days... Who knows the next time it will be possible because of everyone's jobs, schools, planning one's own family vacations, etc... it seems a miracle to get everyone together even for a weekend!  Regardless, it was a fun weekend.  Thanks to David and Sandra for putting it all together! Now for the multitude of photos. 

We got TONS of comments on how sweet she was in her swimsuit.  Thanks Honey!

She LOVED the ocean.  Thought the waves splashing on her face was hilarious.

Sweet Cousins

My Aunt Waverly (mom's sister) and Uncle Clif just happened to be in Orange Beach at the same time.  They had never met Avery!

Who wishes they were back at the beach instead of in the middle of painting rooms?!