Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Six Years

I almost completely forgot to acknowledge that M and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary a few weeks ago.  I'm shocked we were even able to carve out any time at all with me in the depths of grad school, M in the throws of directing of what started out being 1 lab that is now 2, and you know raising a 2 year old :)  Thankfully, Rachael, the accountant from Matthew's work was able to babysit for us and M set up a reservation at our favorite Birmingham place Highlands Bar and Grill.

We are actually extending the celebration into this coming weekend as we head to Atlanta with friends to see Garth Brooks!  CAN'T WAIT!

What I've learned in 6 years of marriage:

 - M is hands down a way better person than me.
 - You are MOST definitely a product of your upbringing.
 - What you argued about in your 1st year of marriage will essentially be the same things you argue  about in your 6th :)
 - As my parents have always said and M and I have agreed with, "first year is the pits...it just gets better and better".
 - Child free vacations are a must and are worth every dime you spend.
 - Bringing a child into a marriage is HARD
 - Bringing a child into a marriage (after the initial shock and sleep deprivation wears off) makes your   bond even more meaningful
- Being in bed at 8:00 PM and on your 2nd episode of The West Wing is totally acceptable
- Having life-long couple friends is a key to survival
- Getting a good laugh with your spouse, especially at the expense of your unsuspecting toddler makes a bad day immediately good
- Falling asleep next to the same person every single night is about as good as it gets

Happy Anniversary M.  I love you very much and am so thankful to be married to someone as selfless, thoughtful, hardworking, and patient as you.  I feel so very blessed to be your wife!  Here's to another 60 years.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hardison Vacation Pictures

Only almost 2 months later.  Here are some pictures from our vacation with M's family to Destin.  Thanks to David and Sandra for renting a great house for the time we were there!

Beach wore them both out.

Sweet baby Will who will be a big brother in a little over a month!
Aves got a little overheated at the beach one day.... 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family of 4

Most everyone knows, but we are expecting baby H #2 due in February!  I am currently 17 weeks, so we will know what we are having in about 3 weeks time.

Family of four... that sounds so legit.  It seems as though adding one more to our family makes us a true "Family Unit" as if we have just been playing house for the last 2+ years.  I remember being a family of four with my own parents (before Buddy came along).  I was the child that made my parents become a family of four...how weird.  Family of four means sibling play time, crazy family vacations, getting a much needed bigger car (say no to the mini van!), and matching sibling clothes (I cannot wait!).  I have such wonderful memories of playing outside for hours with my own sister, sharing clothes, making up ridiculous games and forcing our parents to participate, and of course bickering as teenagers :).  Now my sister is my best friend and there is rarely a day that goes by that I don't talk to her.  I want my kids to have those sweet memories too.

Anyway, we are elated and cannot wait for this next bundle to join our family.  Avery is adamant that this baby is in fact a baby sister.  I have asked her numerous times if the baby in Mommy's tummy is a baby brother or baby sister, to which she always replies "baby sister!"  When I say, "but it could be a baby brother and he would be so sweet", she will reply, "No Mommy, don't think so!".  When I ask her with the baby names which one is in Mommy's tummy, she will without fail say the girl name.  Either she will turn out to be a great baby gender predictor or be sorely disappointed for a minute or two.  She LOVES babies no matter what, so I think she will be fine either way ;)

More fun coming our way!

I know that no one else really cares about comparing, but I was curious to see if I was carrying similarly to the way I did with Avery...

7 weeks with Avery and Baby #2
13 weeks comparison
17 weeks comparison.  This was the best I could do with Baby #2 pic wise, M had left for work, and I was headed to clinic.