Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If I Have To...

So, I turned 24 on Saturday.  Please, hold your "happy birthdays".  I'm not thrilled.  Birthdays used to be fun and exciting.  As you got older, you got more responsibilities, like riding your bike out of your mother's line of sight, going to the movies with friends sans parents, getting a cell phone, learner's permit, driver's license, being able to vote or get a tattoo without parental permission (I didn't take advantage of that last one), etc...  What happens at 24.... a big fat nothing.  Sure, more responsibility, but most definitely not "fun" responsibility, like remembering to feed your pet goldfish. 

I know I know, I'm really not at all old.  There are plenty of people older than me, don't hate.  I just know that next year I will officially be mid twenties, as in closer to 30 than 20.  Fortunately, there are upsides...If anything, being 24 has been an even better reminder to put on my anti-wrinkle cream at night and my sunscreen on during the day... I refuse to have bad skin. 

Now instead of wondering what I'm going to wear to Homecoming or formal.  I worry about 401k's, Roth IRA's, student loans, car payments, or even better how we're going to pay for our future children's college education.  No fun! I remember thinking adulthood was so glamorous :) Luckily, there are a lot of things to look forward to as well...focus on the positive!
 Thanks to all who made my bday great!  It was so fun being in Nashville to celebrate mine and Ashley's birthdays.

Dinner at Sperrys.

So I have been dying for a pair of Ray-Bans.  But, I accidently got my mom to order them in the wrong size... Bummer.  Now I'm having a change of heart, and don't know if I should stick with my Aviators (in the bigger size) or get Wayfarers.
Aviator...All my fashion-forward friends out there.. Help!     
On Saturday, there was a Pi Delta Alumni Breakfast.  Yay for seeing old friends!
My pledge class...7 out of 13.  Not bad.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanks Dad

Most of you who know me would assume that I received about 90% of my genes from my mother.  Well, I'm here to tell you, that although I am almost completely a mini me of good ole' Vick the Chick.. I have a lot of my Dad in me as well.  We're both night owls, love history, sports, and reading pretty much anything and everything, have bad vision, share a love for old black and white movies, especially anything by Alfred Hitchcock or starring Jimmy Stewart, and we're two of the more frugal ones in the family (ahem, Ash and Mom).  Unfortunately, I didn't receive his rationality, levelheadedness or patience, but I mean hey, we can't win 'em all.  But I was lucky enough to get his....Allergies.  Awesome.

While my mother usually gets to enjoy this time of year, the rest of us spend our nights hacking and sneezing.  When people ask me what exactly I'm allergic to, my response is everything.  I'm not kidding.  According to my allergist, mold is worst for me, along with pollen, ragweed, grass, and pretty much anything green or growing outside, plus dogs that shed and of course cats.  I'm still scarred from allergy shots.  I began taking them when I was little, and the only thing I remember was running around the house screaming, while my mother most likely chased me around with a needle... not open of course.  In high school, I was the only kid I knew that had to go downtown to Baptist after school to get not only 1 allergy shot, but 3.  Not to mention, that you have to wait 30 minutes after your shot to see if you had a reaction to it.  Who has time for that?  I loved the weeks that I could convince my dad to be a rebel and leave before we got checked.

Currently, I'm sleeping on 3 pillows, trying to prevent myself from coughing and keeping my husband up at all hours of the night. I've taken more than enough Zyrtec and Benadryl.  So now I'm wishing I was still taking allergy shots, but if I can't give them to myself... I'm not interested.

So thanks Dad.  Appreciate it :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Long Black Beauty

So long
We sadly ecstatically got rid of our good friend Black Beauty this past Sunday.  Matthew and I bought a new car!!  I'm sorry Black Beauty, your worn out AC just wasn't cutting it anymore.  Your time had come.  Now, you can rest in the great car heaven in the sky, or the dump, either/or.  I wish I could say that you've been a great car, but in all honesty, you were sort of a headache, or a wallet ache.  I wish Serra Hyundai/Kia/Mistubishi/Chevy/and whatever else they sell the best of luck in selling you...
Matthew and I had been eyeing the 2011 Hyundai Sonatas for the last month or so, apparently they have been rated the "best" car for your money the last couple of years, plus it looks pretty.  We had decided to wait 6 months, save up a little more, and then take the plunge.  This all changed when Matthew found an ad in the paper saying they would give $4500 for any trade-in.  Obviously, Black beauty is not worth a dime over $1500, so we opted to go check it out, vowing that even if we fell in love with a car, we would "at least" go home and sleep on it.  5 hours later we walked out with our lives and any valuable organs signed away to a car loan :)

On a side note, if anyone needs a great haggler, you are free to borrow my husband.  He stuck to his guns and said he would not pay a dime over a certain price, even when the guy basically begged.  The car guy wanted $10 more a month, which I thought was reasonable... but not to M.  Through all the negotiations, we got the car for about $8000 off the sticker price.. have no idea how that came about.  I clammed up in through the negotiations (I feel awkward in confrontations), so I excused myself to go "study" for the NCLEX.  All I know, we're the new proud owners of a car that will hopefully survive for a VERY long time.

 On a side note, as if I needed any other reason to be glad I got a job at UAB.. I was shown this little jewel in orientation today.  I've gotta meet this guy. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Year Two

And then there were two...years that is, two wonderful years married to an amazing beautiful woman. I was planning on doing a long post and I still may do an addendum later this evening depending on the schedule (right now the power is out and my computer has to be plugged in to work), but due to un-for-seen technical difficulties (it took about 6 hours longer to finish the video and get it on the blog than expected) this will be more brief than originally planned. I will simply say this, after two years of marriage I have it all figured out. The secret? The big mystery behind such a lengthy marriage? Realize you are not as important as she is, or as important as the two of you are together. Be constantly aware you married up and hope like crazy she doesn't figure it out. Be thankful every day for your time together and know when who cleaned the kitchen last is not worth arguing about. Also, flowers, jewelry, and the occasional surprise from Chick-Fil-A or Milo's doesn't hurt either.

Enjoy the video that is a definite joint effort between M and A. Also, Ann accepted and will start her new job on Monday, but I will let her blog about the job drama that has finally, and thankfully come to a close!

Year Two
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Almost Forgot

Remember that time I graduated 3 weeks ago? The thought almost escaped me on the blog, I know I promised pics of the big event, but the excitement over the cruise masked the real reason we were celebrating. I'm DONE. Peace out UAB School of Nursing. It's been real. I'll catch ya on the flip side.. but seriously... please accept me into your graduate program (if I decide to go there) I promise I'll be a good nurse.. the best in fact. I will make your NCLEX passing rate statistic proud... I hope.

I learned a lot in nursing (state) school. Like the simple fact that teachers outside my Lipscomb bubble do in fact curse in the classroom. That NO subject is off limits, and that in the "real" world, you apparently can get away with cheating.. not me, obviously.

In all seriousness. I am super grateful for the stellar education I received this last year and a half. (No alumni association, I'm not ready to give you any money). I would like to take this moment to thank several people: my wonderful husband for putting up with me through everything, my awesome parents, brother and sister for being there to hear me complain :), my incredible in-laws for being ever-supportive, and the ever-giving Stafford Loan peeps..without them my education would have never happened. I promise I will pay you back...with LOTS of interest :)

Enjoy the pics from grad weekend.


Andrea Hardison, BSN

Last day of school.

Right after my last final.

Girls Night celebration

Pinning Ceremony

Best friend since Day 1. We've been through it all together.

Sweet friend Jessica.


Thanks fam for coming!