Monday, February 20, 2012

Third Trimester?

I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that I am more than 2/3 of the way done with the pregnancy.  Not gonna lie... I am nearing the "I'm ready to have her out" stage.   Not entirely... I obviously want her to completely finish cooking, but it will be nice to be able to climb a flight of steps without getting winded :)

Mom and Ash came to visit the weekend of Mom's birthday.  It was so nice to have family here, especially for a long weekend.  We spent most of our time hitting the boutiques and shops in Rice Village and the Galleria. I was able to find clothes for maternity pics and our showers that are coming up.   We also tried out some new Houston restaurants that M and I will definitely be visiting again! 

The nursery is getting there!  The weekend Mom and Ashley were here, we ordered the chandelier for Avery's room.  M spent Sunday afternoon hanging it, and it looks fantastic!  The crib got here a about 2 weeks ago, the bedding/curtains should be shipped soon, and the chair/glider and ottoman will hopefully be here in about another 6 weeks.  Avery Grace will officially have the nicest room in the house :) 

Work is going pretty well for me physically.  I'm just now starting to notice that sometimes it can be hard to be pregnant and be an OR nurse... never used to have to worry about having my stomach kicked by a patient waking up from anesthesia, or carrying heavy pans of instruments, lifting patients, etc...  Only 11 more weeks!  Planning on working up until she comes!

We'll be headed to Nashville for 2 showers the first weekend in March.  We are so looking forward to seeing family and friends (especially some that we haven't seen since last fall!).  The Monday after, M is giving a talk to the Biology and Chemistry students at Lipscomb.  Will be nice to be back on campus.  

Hope everyone had a great Monday!  4 more work days left!

Ruggles Bakery

3 desserts later

Birthday dinner for Mom at Ousie's Table.  Best shrimp and grits I have EVER had.

28 weeks


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Honey Dearest

There are many reasons why my mom is incredible... She's outrageously funny, smart, supportive, etc....  This past weekend, there were 2 main reasons why I'm glad to have that crazy woman as my mom :)

First things first, Honey (my mom's "grandmother" name, so fitting, right?!) loves to shop.  A trait my sister picked up that I, however, somehow missed the boat on...big stores have a tendency to overwhelm me :)  So, when it came down to me finally needing to make decisions about Avery's room, I was in dire need of help.  Insert incredibly understanding husband who was willing to buy me a plane ticket to Nash for the weekend :) 

So, Number 1 reason why I particularly loved my mom this past weekend?  Nursery planning...pretty much done!  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  It feels so great to have "pick out fabric" crossed off my baby "To Do" list.  We spent the better part of 2 hours with the wonderful owner of the best baby boutique in Green Hills called The Plaid Rabbit... I'm pretty sure she had never seen 2 women agonize over fabric choices/cribs/coming home outfits, etc... like we did.  Either way, end result?  Bedding has been ordered, crib is on it's way, we picked out the glider and ottoman, and we selected a paint color to paint the nursery.  I'd call that a very successful day.  We, meaning, Mom, Ash and I also managed to fit in some clothes shopping (for my baby girl, who cares about me now!), and we ended up buying Avery not 1 but 2 1st birthday outfits from The Little Cottage in Franklin...we just couldn't stop.  (When you get married, you think there can't be anything more fun than shopping for your wedding gown..WRONG.  Buying baby clothes is WAY more fun. 

While, I missed the shopping gene, I did pick up on some A LOT of my mom's traits.  One of those particular traits is that we cannot stand clutter.  We tend not to hold onto anything, unless it is regarded as very special....Pack Rats drive me crazy! (Matthew)  That being said, there are probably a lot of my things over the years that my mom has thrown out... Who can blame her?  I would've have done the same thing.  But, guess what she did decide to keep?  3 bags full of mine and Ashley's smocked dresses.  Way to go Mom.  Now, Avery has plenty of smocked things to wear down here in Houston, so that people will not mistake her for a Texan but rather a true Southern child!  Dad's reaction as she kept pulling out dress after dress, "I had no idea you had spent so much money!"  Hey, if Ash and I wore them, and now Avery Grace is getting to wear them, I'd say money well spent!

3 bags full

26 weeks.  Using the only full length mirror in the house...My brother's old room :)

So, all that to say, I love you Mom...You're the best!

Also, get ready to see what house project M was working on while I was gone.  It may have something to do with finally having dining room chairs!