Monday, March 21, 2011

"Food Tour of Lexington"

We spent the weekend in Bluegrass country savoring what it means to be a part of the "Big Blue Nation".   Once we were done savoring our revenge on the Mountaineers, we had enough time to eat... a lot.

David and Sandra had this great idea of taking M and me to various restaurants in Lexington, a "food tour" if you will, which was a treat for these two foodies.  With food on the brain, I asked to work a half day Friday so we could get up to Lex in time for dinner.... Half days are awesome.  You still get a few hours of work in, get to leave early, and the more you look at the clock, the closer it really does get to leaving time.  I was in the process of having my hand all the way inside a body cavity... looked up, 11:00..."Whoops gotta go guys! Have a great weekend!"...I was scrubbed out in a matter of seconds.

We started Friday night at Malone's Steakhouse.  Bobby Flay ate there the last time he was in town.  No brainer.  I got the Prime Rib with whipped potatoes.  M got the same but with Mac n' cheese.  Incredible.

 Saturday morning, David made us his famous blueberry pancakes.  Two hours later, I'm at in again....  We requested to have take out Joe B's to eat while watching the UK game.  M's good friend Dave came over with his 3 boys. 

Aren't they TOO Cute.  From Left: Tom, Will, and Luke.
 Saturday afternoon we went to look at furniture, but first I had to make them drive passed Calipari's pad. I hadn't seen it yet. 

So this is what 31.65 million over 8 years can get you!  He only wishes he had a PhD in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics and was married to a nurse.

 Saturday night we went to a 5 star Italian place downtown called Bellinis.  Bobby Flay says it's the best Italian he's had in Lexington.. Who am I to argue?

Sunday after church we went to Ramsey's which is a meat and three type place... I was feeling pretty guilty about all the calories, so I went a little healthier and got everything FRIED. :)  Catfish, hushpuppies, the works... David and Sandra, it's a good thing you don't live in the same town as us, or I might have to move up a weight class.  Thanks so much for such a fun weekend!  I've never felt so full....and spoiled :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hardison!  Benjamin and Morgan are engaged!  We are so incredibly happy for these two!  I've been a Team Morgan fan for a long while.  We loved her from the first time we met her, and we feel that we could not have hand-picked a better girl for our fav "little" bro.  She's sweet, caring, super cute, and downright funny.  Now, I will have not one but two awesome sisters-in-law...  We only wished we lived closer!

So, to Benj and Morgan.  We love you both so much, and we're so glad to watch you take this next step together.  We will be praying for you as you prepare for your married life together.  Married life is the BEST! 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clendenins and Hardisons

Last weekend we left the Magic City for the Marble City (Knoxville) to spend the weekend with our best friends, soon to be Dr. and Mrs. Clendenin.  I know I've talked about how close we are with Heather and Russ on the blog.  But I felt it was high time to share our friendship history.  You see,  M and I give Heath and Russ about 40% of the credit for Matthew and me being a couple.  If it weren't for them, M would have never fallen in love with the cute, funny girl (that would be me) that sat next to him at the Grey's Anatomy season finale party that was held at Heather's parents house in the Spring of 2006.  That's where it all began.  We spent the rest of that summer hanging out as a foursome, until M moved to Bham.  M and I didn't start dating for real, until January of 2007.. for multiple reasons that shall forever remain from this point forward as irrelevant.  Heather and Russ were even there at our first date, a UK game in Rupp arena :)  As seen below...

But our relationships with Heath and Russ obviously didn't just start in the Summer of 2006.  Heather and I became best friends back in the 6th grade after Heather got over the fact that I was a Sunday School know-it-all.  I was a nerdy kid :)  We spent the rest of middle and high school living 5 minutes away from each other.  We went to college together, but did not room with one another, for the simple fact that we would have killed each another.  I convinced Heather to pledge Pi Delta, and was there as she and Russ became engaged and got married.  Maid of Honor of course :)

Matthew and Russ first became friends through being on Lipscomb's freshman orientation team together.  If you have ever been in the company with these two, you would understand that it must have been fairly easy for them to become good friends.  Their likeness is uncanny, and at times drives their spouses crazy.  Matthew and Heather became friends separately from Russ, but obviously became better acquainted after Heather and Russ began dating.  The three of them used to do things together, so often, that some of my friends (Aimee, Emily and Carol) and I were convinced that  "Hardison" had a crush on Heather, and was tagging along as their third wheel. Ha.  It was obviously not the case. 

Since then we have been great friends with each other, M and I were in their wedding, and they were obviously in ours.  We're so thankful for lifelong friends, and we cannot wait to experience more live events with these two!

On our way out to dinner. 

We ate at an incredible hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Littons.  It was AWESOME!  I ate every bit of my cheeseburger, fries, and Snickers cheesecake.  To get on the waiting list, you sign your name to a chalkboard, I thought it was too cute. 

Matthew put Lexi on top of the homemade cat tower Russ made for Munchie and Crunchie.
The four of us.  Thanks for the great visit!  We love yall!  Also, check out Lexi eying Crunch Cat.  She couldn't stand that she couldn't play with him :)