Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Birthday Parties!

Avery has gotten to go to 2 fabulous farm birthday parties in the last month.  First, we celebrated Thomas and McNeill's birthday party on March 1.  Avery had a blast!

Granddaddy Wayne will be proud that I went straight for the John Deere tractor.  
I surprisingly sat through getting my face painted.  

We neglected to get a picture with the birthday boy and girl on the actual day of the party, but this was a few days later when I picked the two Guess kids up from school.  Who knew my car could fit 3 car seats?!

Then a few weeks later we celebrated Quinn's 3rd birthday out at his grandparents farm!  They had a petting zoo, and Avery was fascinated with the tiny pig they brought.  

This was the best we could get of the 3 of them.  
She LOVED that pig.  Sweet birthday boy is in the back!

Riding with Sadie
and Stella
And McNeill, or as Avery calls her, "Mo!"
Based on the skills we saw with the tee, I'm thinking soccer may be a better option ;)
Happy birthday to our sweet friends!  We are headed to Nashville tomorrow to see Daddy who is already up there for a conference.  We are also finally getting to see Wicked at TPAC.  Also, how bout our Cats?!  As Avery says, "Go Bi Bue!"