Wednesday, May 20, 2009

50 things...

A year or so ago, my blog mentor (aka Kristen) wrote an entry about 100 things people may or may not know about you. Since I am severely lacking in free time and pretty convinced I couldn't come up with a 100. But surely I could do 50 right?! Enjoy...

1. When I found out my mom was pregnant with Buddy (little Matthew) I locked myself into my parents bathroom. NOT without provisions though (food, small tv, movies, sleeping bag). I was planning on being there a while.

2. I seriously considered attending Abilene Christian my senior year of high school, good thing I didn't!

3. Along those lines, I was convinced I would go to Pepperdine when I was a sophomore.

4. Early on in my freshman year of college, I told people I wasn't going to pledge at all...ha

5. I came into school as a history major, thought maybe I wanted to do English education, settled on Exercise Science to go to PT school, then decided I wanted to be a nurse.

6. One of my favorite places is Hy-Lake Christian Camp in Quebec, TN

7. Matthew and I have already picked out names for our first boy and girl (if we have both)

8. I wanted to be an anthropologist growing up

9. My childhood best friend Emily Cogburn and I used to play Lion King. We would put on the Soundtrack on our boom box while holding up our dogs in the air :)

10. We also made a muscial and got her mom to tape it...costumes and everything

11. My grandfather's nickname for me is Tater, and I actually don't really know why

12. Growing up Ashley convinced me I was adopted. It didn't help that I don't look a whole lot like either of my parents. I finally found a picture of my Mimi as a child and realized I got all my genes from her.

13. Although... I am stubborn and strong-willed like my mother. I look up to her so much for being such a hardworking, independent, pretty awesome woman. And a really good shopper :) We always have to have the last word, right mom?

14. My dad is the smartest person I know. From him, I received my love for old movies, classic novels, staying up late, sports, and r history. He is also the scariest man when disappointed with you... without even uttering a word :) Oh and he strangely looks a lot like David Letterman.

15. My sister and I were very creative children. We played everything from library, movie store, farm, church, radio newscasters, etc... I also would not have such a strong love for soccer, polo (as in Ralph Lauren), Pi Delta, and track (oh wait, unfortunately I was the child not blessed with dad's running abilities)

16. I have gotten a parasite three out of the 5 times I have been to Honduras

17. I violently twitch while falling asleep. I still sleep with my childhood blanket and occasionally I have been known to laugh out loud....Nice surprise for Matthew when we got married! And now apparently I have picked up a habit of grinding my teeth, yikes!

18. My dream car is a Mercedes..black

19. I secretly want to quit nursing school to open up my own bakery. I've got the baking down, I just need to learn how to decorate! :)

20. I never take pictures. If it weren't for Matthew or his mom we would have no proof that we actually dated.

21. I am so blessed to still be best friends with all my girls from high school. They are absolutely amazing!

22. I cried when Dumbledore died in the 6th Harry Potter book...sorry if anyone hasn't read it :)

23. I don't care what anyone says but the original Nintendo was the best game system every designed, and I was the master of it

24. The first time I met my husband he asked me if I was Ashley Smith's sister and that was the extent of the conversation. Not only that but my sister and Matthew went to more social club functions together than Matthew and I did

27. I knew I was going to marry Matthew in April 2007..one month before he did :)

28. I absolutely refused to potty train as a toddler. My parents had to use reverse pyschology and numerous M & M's.

29. For years I thought I was the one who had cut my hair with scissors the night before Easter when I was three. 18 years later I found out it was actually my sister who did it and convinced me to tell mom that I did.

30. I made bad grades on purpose when we moved to Nashville, just so mom and dad would have no doubt that I was mad at them! Did not last long!

31. My dad was the easiest person to convince to let me stay home when I claimed to be "sick". The key was to ask him while he was still sleeping.

32. I tried to give blood my senior year of high school. I did fine until the lady said I was a fast bleeder.... Let's just say I wasn't able to donate that day. When I called my dad to tell him about it...he laughed.

33. I choked on a Captain D's cheese stick in middle school in the car with my two best friends. When I got home to tell my mom how scary it was...she laughed.

34. My favorite song when I was little was George Jones' "White Lightening"

35. Mom and Dad bought Ash and me a Nintendo 64 right before Matthew was born. I'm still convinced it was a bribe to make us like him :) And of course we did...after a little while :)

36. Matthew and I love Food Network. We watch it constantly.

37. I hope one day I am as good of a cook as my mother. I was just telling Matthew this morning it's so amazing that she's so good at it considering she had no one to teach her!

38. One of the things I most admire about my mom is how she has come so far in life. From growing up in a children's home to now... Again...she's the hardest working, most determined woman I know.

39. Dad's most annoying saying growing up was, "No one can hurt your feelings, you choose to let them". WHATEVER DAD!

40. I'm pretty sure we're related to Helen Keller. Also, my mom's side of the family is Czechoslovakian (maiden name Kobeck). Ashley and I thought we were German...turns out it's not as exciting.

41. My mom is one of ten children

42. I hope I can become at least half of the person my dad is

43. My sister and I once thought we were going to build a go-cart out of scraps from the street. We lived in a suburb, how many scraps do you think there were?

44. Matthew and I still get excited about the fact that we live in the same town now

45. My little brother is probably the sweetest little boy in the world, and you feel terrible when you hurt his feelings.

46. I loved high school. I wouldn't change my high school experience for anything.

47. Matthew and I almost dated the summer or 2006 right before he moved to Bham. It was mostly my fault that we didn't. It still turned out ok!

48. I appreciate the fact that Matthew and I are both in a health-related field. We could talk about science stuff for hours.

49. I still don't fully understand what Matthew's research is about. I really do try!

50. I can't wait to be a mom :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

Summer is here! For four days at least :) I am finished with my first semester of nursing school, and will be back to start summer semester Monday...boo!

Recent activities:

Most importantly, my wonderful friend Sarah Rummage was married a couple of weeks ago, and I was honored to be in the wedding. Sarah and I have been friends for our entire lives. Our dads became close friends in college, and we have been friends with the Rummages since then. So, when my family moved to Nashville 11 years ago, Sarah was the only person I knew, and I was so grateful for a familiar face. For those who do not know Sarah well, she is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Not only is she is one of the most godliest women I have ever known, but she is just filled with this overwhelming joy that is just contagious. I am so blessed to have her in my life!

Sarah met her husband Seth Neller at Harding University, and they got engaged last November (or was it Oct...woops). Small world...But Matthew knew Seth and his brother Colin from Lexington. Their dad was the minister at Southside for a number of years! Not only that, but Matthew's parents knew Sarah's dad Ronnie from growing up in Columbia! And not only that...but Sarah's grandmother Fifi was married recently (as in the last couple of years), and the ceremony was performed by none other than our favorite Happy Acres Manager! I know....crazy.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. We were so glad to be there, and I know that Seth and Sarah are going to be very happy....in DALLAS! I'm sad that my friend is moving so far away, but it will be an awesome adventure for them! Congratulations!

Bridesmaids Luncheon
Sally is the girl on the left, Sarah the one next to me and Caity on the far right. We all grew up in the youth group together at Harpeth Hills. And Caity was my freshman year roommate!

Beautiful Bride!

To celebrate the end of my semester, Matthew surprised me with a trip to Atlanta with two of my good friends! He booked the hotel, made the plans, all without me knowing! It was a short little trip, only for a night, but we had an absolute blast, and I definitely needed the break! So here is to my husband...you are the BEST! I love you!

P.S. Lexi is still perfect...except when we go home to Nashville. I talked her up to my parents for weeks, about how she never went to the bathroom inside, never barked, etc... Well, apparently Lexi had another agenda. She was TERRIBLE for the first 24 hours. Jumped the gate, barked, went to the bathroom TWICE! I felt like an embarassed parent. Mom always said "you will know what I feel like when you have your child do something that embarasses you". Well...now I do. I know it's just a dog, but still. I felt like the time Mom and Dad took Ashley to Cinci to visit Grady and Jeannie and talked about how perfect she was and would never do anything bad.... 2o years later Grady and Jeannie finally confessed to my parents that after that very trip they found that Ashley had colored all over their wall behind in the bed in their bedroom....hilarious.

We blamed it on her being in an unfamiliar place...Hopefully we were right, cause mom and dad are getting new carpet upstairs!!!!