Monday, August 25, 2014

Smith Vacation 2014

Here are the pictures from our beach vacation with my family...which was a month ago! Whoops. No time to do more than really leave you with the pictures, I am also trying to listen to a YouTube lecture for school on billing and coding...yawn fest.

Wish we had been able to spend more than just a few days this year at the beach with my family. Such is life these days.  Enjoy the pics!

Dad has really gotten into frying things of late... Apparently this started while he was working the kitchen up at church camp this year.  Not only did we enjoy homemade fried catfish and hush puppies (which were phenomenal!), we also had these little beauties...fried oreos!

My bro took some pics for us while we were there!  Wanted to share a few.  Thought he did a great job!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Catch Up!

Whew.  This summer has been CRAZY!  Pardon my prolonged absence from the blogosphere.  I will admit I have enjoyed the break.  But, since I don't have school for the next 2 weeks, I don't really have a valid excuse.  While taking a break from cleaning today on the couch (watching a documentary on the English Monarchy on Netflix), I spotted my computer pushed between the couch cushions and knew it was taunting me :)

So here is a little catch up with pictures.  More posts soon with pictures from our beach vacations...We are about to embark on an even crazier/busier fall.  If it is even possible!

Night out with the Moecks!

Harpeth Hills VBS in June.  Avery LOVED it.

Celebrating Buddy's Birthday
Avery's favorite person on the planet, her Aunt Addie (as she calls her).  They are two peas in a pod.  
Father's Day
Zoo Day with McNeill and Thomas (although not pictured :)
Avery getting to see a real live Elsa.  As you can tell, she was enthralled! 
Elizabeth and Avery :)
We were glad our precious friends the Elliotts stopped by for the night on their way to the beach!
Sunday night dinners at the Guesses
Fishing with Daddy at the Moeck Compound near Montevallo.  
Sammy's 4th birthday party!  Forgot to get an actual pic with the birthday boy, shame!
Swimming on the 4th
Just hanging out with Campbell at Blake and Holly Beth's house
More Sunday night dinners with the Guesses.  Watching a movie with Thomas this time :)
Zoo and Splash Pad day with the cousins.
First haircut!
We celebrated with a cupcake!
First dentist appointment.  Avery was a rock star!
As you can see, we are continually blessed here in Alabama.  Although busy and hectic, we wouldn't trade our life here for anything!  And now that it is nearing the fall, can I get a "Go Cats" and "Roll Tide"?  We are only a few weeks out!