Friday, January 30, 2015

Burton's Shower

Last weekend some of our dearest friends threw us a small shower in anticipation of Burton's arrival!  We are so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful support system at church, an incredible group of families that we cherish!  Looking forward to watching all of our kids grow up together!  

If you can't tell, the shower was Mexican fiesta themed.  So cute! We had a blast!

    They know my love for cookie cake! 

      Picture with my sweet hostesses :) 

37.5 weeks!  Countdown is on, maybe I will actually get around to packing a bag this weekend! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Smith Family Christmas

Christmas Eve service.  This was before the service started.  Avery was not shy about getting up in front of everyone...

Santa came!
Avery was very confused that Santa was in fact not in the living room waiting to present her with presents :)

Showing off her "lipsticks" that she asked Santa for (aka Frozen-themed lipsmackers), which ultimately ended up being her favorite gift.  $4 lipsmackers.  

Avery playing baby dolls with Graygry.  Aves decided that both babies were named "Baby Jack" after her new cousin.  Never mind that both baby dolls are girls :)
Christmas in Memphis

Our favorite tradition of my Mimi's is that she puts our Christmas money in her used note card boxes.  Mine came in a sympathy cards box.
Matthew's came in a "friendship cards" box :)

Avery went with Honey and Mommy to get her first manicure.  For some reason she calls her "fingernails" her "ponytails" and was walking around the salon showing everyone her "pretty pink ponytails".  

A very wonderful Christmas spent with all of our loved ones.  Now I am back to studying as I attempt to try and get ahead of some of this school stuff before I birth a baby in 5 weeks or less.  And you know eventually get around to washing Burton's clothes and packing a hospital bag...and at some point setting up his nursery :)  Happy weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas in Birmingham

We were super busy in December bouncing from one holiday event to another.  Here are some pictures of our Christmas celebrations here in the 'Ham.

Thanks to Ed and Shawn who allowed their house to be the backdrop for our Christmas card pic this year :)
Before Matthew's work Christmas party
Just so happens that our best friends Drew and Katie were there.  Katie works for the same company as M

Zoo Light Safari at the Birmingham Zoo 
We went with one of Avery's best friends Ashton and her parents. 

M sang in Homewood's Christmas program at church.  Immediately following service, Avery raced up and grabbed a microphone so she could sing like Daddy.  
Also to note, this was either mine or Ashley's dress from when we were little.  Although if it was Ashley's, then odds are 100% that I wore it as well :)
Pancakes and Pajamas with Santa at church.  Avery has never been so excited to see Santa... Was the first kid the first kid to reach him when he came in the door.
Avery's Christmas party at school. 
Nothing cuter than these three in matching pjs with cupcakes smashed all over their faces.  
Our immediate family's Christmas tradition of making homemade pizzas and opening gifts.