Friday, June 25, 2010

SAM! We're so glad you're here!

I am more than proud to announce that Matthew and I officially became an aunt and uncle this past Wednesday! Samuel David Hardison finally made his grand appearance into the world at 9:23 PM, June 23rd, Central Standard Time :). J and K are officially parents! And not to anyone's surprise, they are already pros at it... seriously.

But, let's talk about Sam. Because, let's be honest, he's pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen, not that I am biased at all. I could sit and cuddle with him all day long, and I just can't seem to get over how sweet his little face is. Like K said, he actually gets cuter by the hour. The little guy has already got us wrapped around his little tiny fingers, and I'm already brainstorming all the ways I can spoil him rotten. I'm envisioning numerous trips to McDonalds and Yogurt Lab :)

Enjoy the montage of pictures of the cutest little guy you will ever set your eyes on. He's definitely a keeper!

The night before Sam's arrival we visited J and K at the hospital.

Right after the C-section, J was able to bring Sam over to the window so we could get a good look at him! All 9 pounds of him!

Proud Daddy :)

Matthew opted to sit down for the first "Sam Holding" experience

Day 2... cuter than Day 1!

At least he's got his priorities straight...

Matthew manned up and held Sam standing up this time... baby steps people!

In all seriousness, I am so incredibly thankful for J and K. I could not have asked for anything better when it comes to having a brother and sister-in-law. It's one thing to be family, but it's even better to be great friends as well. We are so excited for the three of you, and will continue to pray for you daily. We love you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Today is little Matthew's 13th birthday! I cannot believe he is now hitting his teenage years. Soon, he will no longer be our little buddy :(

I experienced first-hand on Sunday a budding "teenage attitude". As we were walking into our pew at church (we were home this past weekend), I thought Matthew had said something to me, so I turned to look at him and said, "huh?". His response, with a slightly agitated tone, "I wasn't talking to you". About this time, I see a pretty girl turning the corner coming over to speak to him... I guess I know where I stand!

With that being said, I have the best little brother in the world. What other 13 year old boy would tell you that you look pretty on a Sunday morning? Now, I know that I wasn't completely overjoyed at the thought of you being around 13 years ago, but I will say that you've been totally worth it..even if I did have to give up my seat in the family van for your car seat ;)

So happy birthday Matthew! I love you!

Gotta love the missing tooth

I wish this seersucker suit still fit!

And now... Stop getting old!

On another note. I wanted to wish a Happy Anniversary to our good friends Heath and Russ , 3 years today! You're basically an old married couple now :)