Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!


M and I went to Savannah for a night/day before heading to Amelia Island. We fell in love with this city. It's oozing of Southern charm with beautiful houses and friendly inhabitants.... and most importantly Paula Deen.

Paula's restaurant. The Lady and Sons. Incredible.


Amelia Island

Fortunately for us, the weather was a balmy 60 degrees almost all week.

The elderly gentleman who took this picture told us he wasn't a very good picture taker. He's not a liar either.

We were pretty pumped about the puzzle we got from Wal-mart.

Day 1

Day 2... and then the excitement dwindled. Matthew left to go back home, and we completely lost interest. There was no more headway after this pic.. Woops.

St. Augustine

Castillo De San Marcos

The St. Augustine old jail.

Friday... the weather finally looked like this. 74 degrees.

Don't worry he had his spf 50 on :)

I on the other hand did not... woops

Smith Putt-Putt golf tournament. I won- 5 big ones. (after Dad)

The House... Look at the beautiful sunny sky on the day we left.

This is for my parents. "Hey, there's a frog back there."

Already looking forward to Spring Break 2K11...oh wait, I don't get one anymore. Devastating.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Matthew T Hardison, PhD

Notify the press! We have big news! HE PASSED! 3 1/2 years in the making, and it is now finally over. My husband is done and never has to study for anything ever AGAIN, and I'm insanely jealous.

I'm glad it's over so I can have my normal husband back. He has been abnormally quiet the last couple of days, and if you know Matthew you understand that this is very uncharacteristic for him...downright scary really.

I walked into the den yesterday afternoon and Matthew said, "I don't know what's going on, I feel like I can't catch my breath." I somewhat gently explained, "It's called STRESS!, I know you don't have to experience this very often, but that's what it is..." Cause you see, I'm a pro at anxiety, I have been having trouble breathing since I was 10... apparently elementary school was a very stressful time for me.

Matthew did an excellent job today. Ed, his mentor, couldn't have been more proud and said that Matthew was about as close to perfection a grad student could possibly be. He nailed every question they asked..basically he was a research rock star.

So from now on, we expect any mail addressed to 417 Oaks Drive to say Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Hardison. :) jk. That's a little pretentious.

About to start..

At the catered reception afterwards. We had Cocina Superior...delicioso!

Look who showed up! J didn't think he'd be able to make it. And yes, my sis-in-law is 26 weeks pregnant. Doesn't she look great!

Super proud parents. Couldn't have gotten everything done and ready for today without them!

Ed and Shawn.

Delicious homemade Derby pies David and Sandra and Grandma Eva made!

And of course our BFF Geoff was there.

Thank you to everyone for your never ending support and prayers. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LAMEcation- Not Really

What is the point of being at the beach in 60 degree weather? Last time I checked, you can't get a tan at the beach wearing sweatpants and a hoodie! In all seriousness, I'm extremely thankful to be able to be on vacation with the 'rents and little Matthew this week, big Matthew left this morning :( but I don't think I'm asking too much to get a little fun in the sun. Whatever happened to warm weather in Florida during March? I guess I will just chalk it up to global warming. ha

We have been completely worthless ALL week. I do not think I have gotten up before 9:30, which is late for me, while my dad hasn't gotten up before 10, must be nice to be able to drink loads of coffee a day at 52 and still be able to sleep in late. I will say that we have taken a morning bike ride every morning (I know, cheesy/corny/family fun), and I did get up this morning to fix homemade cinammon rolls, not Pillsbury, they were legit.

I am completely enjoying being lazy. And I'm sure I would enjoy it even more if I weren't having to study at night after everyone else goes to bed. LAME. I cannot wait to be done with school... Whoever said continuing your education was a good idea was also LAME.

Speaking of continuing education. Remember that time my husband is receiving his terminal degree on MONDAY!? I cannot believe it is almost here. M is back at home now studying up for his defense on Monday. This makes the 3rd time I have seen him stressed since we've been married. I know he will do great, but prayers would be appreciated as the big day approaches!

I will post pics from our trip when I get home... most likely after the defense and all of its' post-activities. Hope you're having a great week! Most likely not as good as mine :)

Oh.. I almost forgot.. Congrats to my Cats for being SEC champs! What an INCREDIBLE game.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hollywood Crushes

I'm not a big movie person.. at least compared to my husband, who is a movie know-it-all...It can be quite annoying, really. But I was reminded on Sunday night after watching The Academy Awards that there are a few actors/actresses that I LOVE. So here is my short list.

Meryl Streep

This woman is fabulous. I absolute love everything about her. Who knew that she was educated at Yale? And she has been married to the same man since 1978. She was magnificent in Mamma Mia and Julie and Julia (2 of her most recent flicks). And well, I guess if you've been nominated for an Oscar 16 TIMES... as Stanley Tucci so eloquently said, "she is simply the best".
On a side note, if I could look like that at age 60... I will be a happy camper.

Steve Martin

What can I say?? He's magnificently funny. He was in one of my all-time favorite movies Father of the Bride. He's all around goofy like my own father. And he made graying early acceptable for men in their 30's! But my favorite part... he is a stand-out bluegrass musician. He is a solid banjo player, and there is simply nothing more attractive than a funny guy with musical talent (my husband ;)

on a side note... when we have kids, they are definitely playing a cool instrument like the banjo. No offense Mom and Dad, I'm still somewhat grateful for the 10 YEARS of suffering through piano lessons :)

Tom Hanks

I know I'm stealing my hubby's all-time favorite actor. But he cannot have him all to himself. There is not a single movie Tom Hanks is in that I dislike (minus Joe vs. the Volcano). He is just a stand-up, charming guy who happens to be one of the highest grossing movie actors of all time. I'm convinced there is not a single role he could not play, and he's funny! Every time he interviews on late night shows, he's hilarious...funnier than Dave and Jay (which isn't hard considering anyone is funnier than Jay).

That about sums it up. We are leaving for Savannah/Amelia Island tonight! So, don't expect a blog from me anytime soon. I'm on a BREAK!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

K Town Down

It was finally our turn to return the visit made by our besties for my birthday last Sept and visit Heather and Russ in Knoxille! M and I were looking forward to it all week... and if Russ' many phone calls over the course of the week were any indication about his excitement; he was super pumped. Not sure about what exactly, either about us coming, or just having an extra two people to play in his rock band.. the game.

We left early Friday afternoon after Matthew stole away from work. Who knew that Knoxville was not that far of a drive from here? Never having been to the sprawling metropolis of k-town, I was intrigued as to what this college town would bring, and I'll have to say, after being highly skeptical (snotty), I was super impressed! Simply take the University of Tennessee out of Knoxville, and you've got one fun town!

Heather and Russ took us to a great local burger joint on Friday night that was fantastic. Good company is only made better with greasy, fatty food. We basically ended up back at their apartment hanging out for the night and laughing for a good 20 minutes about Matthew falling over Russ in the middle of the floor (you had to have been there). I literally do not remember the last time I laughed that hard.

You just never can tell with these two.

Saturday, Heather had to work... boo. We slept in, grabbed breakfast and lazied it up all afternoon waiting on Heather to get off work. This would be the point where I would have talked about how awesome it was to be in Knoxville to watch our Cats defeat the ugly orange. But alas, that was not in the cards for our weekend. So, we will simply pretend it didn't happen and move on.

Remember that time Bruce Pearl's ex-wife opened up this shop...

Saturday evening we went downtown to Market Square to eat and shop in some boutiques there on the Square. Matthew and I even found our gifts for his boss for the defense coming up.. One more thing checked off the "to do list"! We ate at a local pizza joint called the Tomato Head and then headed back to their apartment to call it a night ( not really, we stayed up until 1). On a side note... Heather and I ran into not one but 2 people we went to high school with! Crazy! They both went to UT, but neither of them live there now. How weird is it that we were all there over 1 weekend?

Overall, it was a great weekend spent in company with 2 of our favorite people in the entire world. We are so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends, and I know we will be friends with Heather and Russ for a long time to come. I look at it as my own little version of my parents' Grady and Jeannie... Bring on some family vacations!