Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Burton- 8 months!

I'm late yet again, but I won't waste time making excuses.  But we did happen to finally move into our house three weeks ago and have been furiously unpacking, not to mention the stomach bug we just got over... Ok, so maybe just two excuses.  

Sweet Burton, I can't believe you are 8 months old.  What a joy you are to our family!

Length: will find out next month

Weight: 19 pounds, 5 ounces (55-60%)

Sleep: you go to bed about 7:30 most nights and sleep until 6:30-7:30 on most mornings.  You get up early occasionally but usually will go back to sleep.  I am very thankful for a good nighttime sleeper, BUT you are a horrible napper! You only like to nap laying on Mommy, which I have let slide this week since you have had a stomach bug, but soon and very soon we will be working on some nap training.  Sorry buddy, but you can't take me with you to nap time when you start going to preschool.  😉 

Eating: You nurse still 4 times a day.  You will eat pretty much anything and everything and frequently gag yourself by trying to stick too much in your mouth at one time.  Your Sunday school teacher says that if you can't get your puffs fast enough with your hands you will just put your face down to the table.  New foods this month: deli turkey, cheese, beans and rice, and really anything off our plates that is soft.

Likes: laughing at sister, taking walks in the double stroller, eating, being held... At all times 😁, taking a bath, and starting to like looking at books 

Dislikes: not being held... You are a clingy little dude, and you don't like being put down or Mommy or Daddy, but especially Mommy, leaving your line of sight.  I'm ready for this separation anxiety stage to work itself out.

Diaper size: 4

Clothes size: 9-12 months 

Hair color/eye color: no change this month.  I think your hair will probably end up being close to the color of sister's.  Your eyes are still dark blue.

Nicknames: Buckaroo and Burtie (which Avery came up with and it stuck)  

Milestones: You had a BIG month. I think I forgot to put on your last month's stats that you had started to say "dadada". This month you officially started crawling on all fours, and the day we moved into our new house you pulled up for the first time in your crib!  Now you are doing it everywhere.  If we ask you to give sister kisses you will lean in and open your mouth wide and plant a big one on her mouth :).  For a while now you have been turning when we say your name.  

We love you Burton Buckaroo!  Even on days when I am pulling my hair out trying to get you to nap for even 20 minutes in your crib, you are a precious baby boy, and I cherish this time with you.  I know one day I will yearn for the feel of a snuggling baby in my arms, so for now, I will soak it up!