Saturday, January 16, 2016


In the midst of moving, I graduated from NP school, M started his new job, I took my nurse practitioner boards, Avery started a new school, we started renovating the new house, Matthew's parents allowed us to live with them for FIVE weeks (how they had the patience is pretty amazing), and I started adjunct clinical faculty duties at Lipscomb. Summer ended more quickly than I thought possible, and we somehow landed smack dab in the middle of fall.  I mean we missed so many football Saturdays that our dvr was full of episodes of college gameday and Alabama games.... A true travesty ;). 

Here's a quick summary of fall 2015.

Matthew's first day at his new job

Avery's first day of school

Aves started ballet and loved it!

House Reno (I will do a full run down in this another day)

Lunch with Grandma and Granddaddy in Columbia 

Trip to see our besties and pack up our Birmingham house 

Celebrating mine and Ashley's birthday at Sperry's with the fam

In October we went to Lexington with Ash and Randal to go to Keeneland and Big Blue Madness.  The trip was supposed to include the Auburn/UK game but I fell ill with an awful stomach bug so we had to go late.  M later got it, and then Burtie passed it on to my mom... Yikes 

Trunk or Treat with Ariel and Sabastian 

Halloween with the Joneses 

Back to Birmingham to celebrate sweet Margaret turning 1! 

Then a few weeks later the Guess clan came to see us! 

Stay tuned for a holiday recap! 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New York, New York

M and I were able to get away for five days in the middle of December to go to NYC.  After we went a year and a half ago, I'm pretty sure I endlessly talked about how much fun we had on that trip... It must have worn M down, because he eagerly agreed to go again, at Christmastime... Mr. Fugal!  We had a blast; both of these trips to NYC by far have been our favorite vacations.  We like to "go and do" on vacations, especially when it is just the two of us.  We are SO very thankful to both sets of parents who graciously took our kids while we were gone.  I know it's hard work keeping them for multiple days, and we greatly appreciate that you are willing to do so!  It was so fun getting to spend time with M in the city!  Side note: if you don't like seeing shows, don't come with us to NYC, that is basically all we do while we're there! 

Brunch at Sarabeth's, one of our favorite places to eat in the city.  

While sitting at our table, a ton of paparazzi started gathering around.  A few minutes later Lady Gaga walked out of her apartment right next to us.  Unfortunately we were only able to grab a pic of the back of her head! :)

30 Rock

Inside of Macy's 

My Fitbit around 5:30pm our first day there.  I think we ended up walking another 4,000 by the time we got back to our hotel that night! 

Times Square 

This show was OUTSTANDING!  We got last minute tickets and were blown away. Hilarious, cleverly written, and great music.  

Dinner at Josephine's.  Best meal we had while we were there.  

Night 2.  Headed to dinner and Les Miz

My favorite!!! 

Seriously, there's never been a better show.  I cried the whole way through, just like the first time.  

Serendipity dessert post show.  

Sunday morning service! We hoped to get a Lester Holt sighting, but he must have been out of town. And no dad, that was not the only reason we went to church :) 

Bryant park- starting to feel the exhaustion of our trip.

Cousin time!  Matthew's cousins Stephanie and Esther live in Queens with their husbands and kids.  It was so great catching up with them and seeing where they live and what life is like in the city.  I don't think watching "Million Dollar Listing New York" is an accurate description of everyday life for most New Yorkers (even if it is one of my favorite shows)!  We stayed our last night at Esther's and Azim's apartment, went to dinner with the two of them and Steph.  Great way to end a fun getaway.  

Again, I can't reiterate enough how thankful we are to our parents for watching the kids.  Believe me, it is not lost on me how tiring and sometimes challenging our two can be, but at least they are cute! 

David and Sandra filled in for us while we were gone for Avery's parent observation class at ballet... So sad we miss it! 

Mom and Dad took the kiddos to Dinner at Bethleham at church.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Burton-11 Months!

I cannot believe we are one month away from this baby boy being a year old.  Invitations for his first birthday party are being sent, and it literally seems just like yesterday that we were being showered with baby gifts in preparation for Burton's arrival.

Burton here are your stats at 11 months:

Height and Weight: we won't have an update on this until next month and your 1 year checkup

Sleep: I feel like a broken record.  Yet again, you are still a great nighttime sleeper (12 to 13 hours), but the napping hasn't gotten better at all.  I've resigned myself that my house will never be completely clean all at the same time ever again... or at least until you can be happy for about 2 hours while I get the job done.

Eating: We spend more money on your food than everyone else in the house it seems.  You are eating us out of house and home.  I can't imagine what it will be like when you are a teenager.  I think you must be going through a growth spurt, because you consistently eat more at dinner than anyone else.  You LOVE table food.  Some of your favorites are: carrots, green beans, green peas, cheese, mandarin oranges, bananas, and cheerios.  You aren't big on canned baby food, especially if it has meat in it.  You officially stopped nursing like two days ago.  It sort of happened by accident, but it is what it is.  Although Mommy is a bit sad you are done, you will be on whole milk in a few weeks anyway.

Likes: Playing with sister, dancing to music, looking at books, playing in the playroom, especially in the play kitchen, and of course eating.

Dislikes: bath time, especially since you are still being bathed in the kitchen sink due to the bathroom being renovated.  You are constantly trying to crawl out of the sink.  You don't like being put down unless we are up in the playroom.  You also get pretty angry when you are hungry.  And you most definitely hate to nap, unless you are laying on top of someone.

Diaper Size: 4

Clothes Size: 12 months mostly, some 18 months

Milestones: You have stood up by yourself for 15+ seconds at a time several times, sometimes I don't even think you know you are doing it.  Once you realize you aren't holding onto anything, you plop yourself onto the ground.  You have finally started saying "Mama" consistently.  And just a few days ago we noticed that you were saying "Ah, Ah" when trying to get your sister's attention.

Personality: Man oh man...you are a mess.  Your Sunday school teacher calls you Brutus, because not only do you steal all your friends' Cheerios, you also seem to be one of the roughest ones.  This is a whole new experience for Mommy; sister was always so gentle (albeit dramatic :).  You have a bit of a temper, and will throw food or whatever you happen to be holding when you get mad.  You aren't so great at understanding "No" and will usually continue to do whatever you are doing regardless of being scolded.  You are also into EVERYTHING.  I cannot turn my back on you for one second.  This must be what people were talking about when they said having a boy would be so completely different.  I think maybe I should just invest in a helmet.  You are still a bit of a cuddle bug when you want to be, and would always prefer to be held.  You are so sweet, and love to give your sister kisses.  Avery says that you are her best friend.

Burton Christopher, we love you so very much, even on weeks like this past week when it seems nothing will ease the fussiness (surely you're teething again right?!)  Sometimes I just look at you and say out loud, "at least you're cute!"  But you are way more than that; you are so very special, and I am so thankful for the last 11 months spent with you!