Monday, February 15, 2016

Burton- 12 months!

I CAN'T EVEN... One whole year.  These monthly posts are sadly coming to an end, although I won't miss the guilt of being late anymore.  This precious boy has been with us for 12 hectic yet joy filled months.  While the first year of Burton's life might have looked a little different than we were anticipating, e.g. a move to Nashville, I am so thankful for God's constant provision.

Burton Christopher here are your stats at 1 year!

Height: 31 inches (85%)

Weight: 21 pounds 14 ounces (60%)

Head circumference: 18.5 inches (75%)

Sleep: If I say anything, I'm going to jinx myself.  Let's just say you have been showing some improvement in the nap area.  Sleep for 12 hours at night!

Eating: You stopped taking a bottle a few days after you turned 1.  I thought you might struggle a bit going to bed without a nighttime bottle, but you've handled it like a champ.  Must be due to the fact that you eat like a horse.  We are constantly amazed at how much food you can put away...it's impressive.  You love veggies, specifically peas, green beans, corn, and carrots, fruit, bread, turkey, pretty much anything except avocados (sister loved them).  

Likes: Playing with your sister, getting into cabinets, dancing to music, being tickled (you have the most infectious little laugh) and eating

Dislikes: You don't like being left anywhere if you happen to catch me leaving the room, and being hungry (I understand Burtie, that's when Mommy is at her worst too)

Favorite Toy: you love the play kitchen, and the red cozy coupe

Diaper Size:4

Clothes Size: 12-18 months

Milestones: you started taking steps right after you turned 11 months, then a few weeks ago started getting more brave and would take 7-8 steps in a row.  Then this past week you decided you were going to take off.  I think at last count you had gone 26 steps in a row.  You still crawl half the time as you are still trying to figure things out :).  You started putting your hands up to your head when we say, "oh no!".  You are getting 4 more teeth in up top!  The two front teeth have poked through, and any day now the other two will as well.  You will go from having 2 to 6.  I think I'm going to miss the gummy smile.  

Words: Dada, Mama, Nana, Ah Ee (Your word for Avery).  You used to say bye bye, but I haven't heard you say it a while.  

Personality: People in the church nursery always talk about how chill you are, which is hysterical to me, because you are a little more high maintenance at home.  I will say though, that you play really well if you know someone is in the room with you.  You love to give big kisses to family, and sometimes will just come over and lay your head down on Mommy or Daddy for a quick snuggle.  I can't wait to see how your personality grows over the next year!

We love you sweet baby boy.  12 months of crazy, but so worth every sleep deprived minute.  

Here you are at one year:

And then sister:

Fell asleep on mommy 

On nap strike this particular day...

Your first snow day! 

Bundled up watching the big kids sled 

Your birthday breakfast

Your birthday fell on a Sunday so Gragry was able to bring you up and have the congregation sing to you :)

Your one year check up! 

Pics to come soon of your birthday party! 

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